Saturday, November 10, 2007

Baby Trip

Today we made the trip to visit with the newest addition to the family. He is not even a week old yet...but Leland is an adorable baby. He is a momma's boy already but he is sweet tempered. He let me hold him for a few minutes but then it was back to momma.This probably isn't the best picture of him...but hey...spitups happen. :) Momma is doing good. She is hurting a bit but then she just had a baby. Both Dave and her mom are around to help her out.

I won't forget about the other boy over there, Caleb. He is a happy big brother. His grandma Donna is visiting from California for a month and Carrie said that she is spoiling him. But that is always good when there is a new baby in the house.
While we were visiting Caleb took me upstairs....last time I saw him he wasn't able to make it up yet. So that was exciting to see. Plus, he and I went outside for a little while. He found the bubbles in the closet and had to blow some. He is definitely getting he had more of the soap water on him than anything esle. But he wanted to do it himself and I let him.

He also decided that he wanted his toy firetruck to play with. As you can tell it is a little too small for him...but it sure was funny trying to watch him ride in it. Plus, he just received the Mr. Potato we put him together.

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