Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Kitty Cat ATC's

Even though this is just my 3rd swap hosted...I have been so lucky! Every one's ATC's are wonderful...they are each different and I am so excited because I just love Cat's.

I just finished swapping this out this morning and I hope everyone is as excited when they receive their packages....Just be aware....my quality control crew of 1 "Rocky" was helping....so there might be a little kitty hair. Which is bad for Brooke because she is allergic. I have to give an extra thanks to Brooke....she helped out at the last minute when someone unfortunately had to drop. So thank you. This is the 2nd swap of mine she has participated in and her work is great.

Thanks to all:

  • Becca--The Prima Donna Card...reminds me of my Rocky
  • Michelle---The kitty with the binoculars....reminds me of Batman trying to get the birds.
  • Cindy--Fluffles Exploring...once again reminds me of my cats!!!
  • Brooke--What's New Pussycat...reminds me of my other prima donna....Oreo.
  • Chris--Cattitude...Do we need to say anymore. I love her bottom and charm.
  • Bec--Cats are really people.....That is definitely what my kitties tell me everyday.
  • Jennie--Play with me....I made this because my cats want to do this all day...I thought that the older they get the lazier they are. LOL
They are going out in the mail today....I had one swapper I was waiting to see if she had sent her items in. But I didn't hear back from her...and yesterday was my due date for sending out.

Thanks again everyone...

Sunday, May 6, 2007

My Winning Entry...

On the Paper Crafts message board 5Treasures (Deb) did a round of challenges...the first round I am sorry say my card was a bit pathetic. However, the 2nd round I did a lot better.
Our goal was to "alter" something....anything...but we had an hour. I used an old soup can that Sheldon was using for his metal detecting money and finds...to melt down.
I had found at Michael's the other day some totally cool metal stickers (on sale of course) and bought a set...it has a firetruck, airplane, police car, etc....I first was going to use the fire truck...and had to pull it back off.

I layered the can with light blue paper...then darker blue ribbon, made some clouds out of a in between blue, highlighed them with black & white markers...then shaded them with dark blue chalk....I popped up one of the smaller clouds...the rest I just taped to the paper....then I added the air plane and another sticker that said ALL BOY.

I WON!!!

So I am pretty excited....I loved how the can turned out.