Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Aquairum

After leaving my aunts house...Sheldon and I stopped in Chattanoga. We went and visited the Aquairum. I heard it was a wonderful place to visit...and it was.
We saw....otters, penquins, snakes, butterflies, lots & lots of fish, sharks...and a lot more. We even had the opportunity to touch sharks.

We didn't stay too long...we still had to drive back to Athens. But it was a lot of fun....2 whole buildings of animals to visit.

Visit to Tennessee

Sheldon and I went and visited my aunt and uncle this week. We were invited---well actually I inivited us to go. We haven't had a chance to visit their new house since they moved down to the South. My aunt and uncle are starting a small farm. They have done a lot and it is going to look wonderful when they are finished. But, with something like this one is never finished.
While there--Sheldon wanted to do some coin hunting and metal detecting. I guess there used to be an old inn on their property. He gave up on metal detecting. I think it was too hot for him. Yesterday, was supposed to be 101. However, he did good on the coin hunting. He found a few banks that had some good finds.
I had fun hanging out with my aunt. We went to some antique and craft stores. Plus, she took me out to lunch with a friend. The best part was just hagning out and catching up.