Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fun Cards

Hi, Today was a boring day. Sheldon has been put on a bland diet....I guess he decided to bring back some not fun bugs from Tunisia. The doctors first gave him some antiboitics...and they worked for a bit. But now he has been put on a clear liquid diet for 24-36 hours and then he will be on the BRAT diet (Bannanas, Rice, Apples & Toast). I wasn't very nice. I made myself a roast beef sandwich yesterday. It was yummy. And he looked very pitiful eating his vegetable broth.

We had a lazy day....we watched Sponge Bob and napped. LOL Tonight is more productive. I hate being a night owl. I can stay up to 2-3 and get tons done...but during the day I can be a slug.

Here is a card that I have made. From the cat Birthday Card.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Cards & Announcement!!


Yesterday, I went for my job interview. I found out that they didn't have a specific opening but wanted me to put a resume and application on file. They like to preinterview for jobs that might come up. Oh well!!!!

Sheldon on the other hand....was offered a job which he took. It is nice because it is only 5 minutes from the house and will be an interesting job. He will be doing research for the EPA on effects of nanoparticles from cosmetics on groundwater & surface water.

So that is a big strain off of us financially...he will still be able to work on his dissertation as they will be flexible with hours and such.

Today, was a try and get all my homework done day. I finished my social work but am still a bit behind on accounting. I am a bit brain dead again. I don't think I have ever done this much homework. I should have excpected that since they are both online classes. This afternoon Sheld and I went to Joann's and I found a great deal on paper...$20.00 packs on sale for $5.

Here are a couple of cards I made today.

One is for my nephew's birthday. He turned 9 this!!!

The other one was using one of my new $ stamps from Joann's.

I entered both of these into Paper Crafts Magazine's online monthly contest. It was using clear stamps. I have never one of their contests yet...but I will keep trying.

Thanks for looking. Jennie

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Quick & Dirty

I found this on someone elses blog and thought I would try it. I was pleasantly surprised....

Your IQ Is 115

Your Logical Intelligence is Exceptional

Your Verbal Intelligence is Exceptional

Your Mathematical Intelligence is Exceptional

Your General Knowledge is Above Average

A Quick and Dirty IQ Test

I have been tagged....

My blogger friend Deb tagged me awhile ago...back in December. I have been a bit slow about getting to it. So I guess here we go....

This is my first tag and I am supposed to answer 7 things about myself. This will probably be more than you ever wanted to know.....
  1. I am extremely shy...but nobody believes me. Growing up I wouldn't answer the teacher if called on in class. I am a lot better but overall am still really shy.
  2. I "met" my husband a few years before we really met. I worked at a real estate office and he bought his house from there. I thought he was pretty nerdy. I always tell him that he is nerdy...but what I don't tell him is that I like nerds. Which he should have figured out by now...since we are married.
  3. I was born in Chicago, moved to Washington State when I was 8, California when I was 19, back to Washington at 23, then to Georgia at 30. And in another year or will move again. And that wasn't due to military either. :)
  4. I have an older sister and a younger brother. They both have 2 boys. So I guess when it is time for dh and I have to have kids we better have a girl.
  5. I used to be a perfectionist when it came to creating....when I first started I would take hours on 1 card. I realized part of that was being afraid to create. Now I just go for it. If there is a mistake, I see it as part of the creativity. I still compare myself a lot with others...and am learning to accept my own creativity and talent and not worry so much about others. It is hard though when there are so many creative and talented people out there. I always want to be the best. :) I guess as long as Sheldon thinks I am...then I am happy.
  6. 3 out of the last 5 companies I have worked at have gone out of business since I have left. LOL I am not sure if that is a good sign or bad sign. It is a killer, looking for a job though....luckily I have some really good letters of reference. Also, before meeting my husband, 3 of the guys I dated married someone within 6 months of us breaking up. One guy, I told, don't will find someone....everyone does...and sure enough when I talked to him a few months later he met a great girl.
  7. I want to be a writer and like other parts of my life I am a bit mom just bought me a couple of books on writers for graduation and it is helping me. I have been doing some freeform writing. But, overall, they say that people aren't afraid of failure as much as they are of success.

Thanks for reading 7 things about I guess I need to tag a couple of people....I think I am going to tag both Heidi and Katie....LOL They tagged me, but it is on another totally different subject. Check out their blogs...they are both very talented.

Heidi amazes me with her work and making cards with embossed images...I never know what to do with them and she comes up with fantastic ideas. Katie is really blossoming, she has started teaches classes at a scrapbook store in her area and really finding a niche.

One More Swap Down...and don't tell the cats

Hi, I joined a puppy dog swap. :) I love dogs...growing up we always had animals and usually it was both dogs and cats. It wasn't until I was living on my own and in apartments that I just had cats. Though I have to admit...I have known Rocky for a long time. I bought him for my birthday back in 1996, right after I moved back to Washington from California. That means he will be 12 this year. I should find his baby picture. He was the cutest cat.

But back to point....we are talking about dogs. :) I bought a clear stamp set from cddollarstamps the other day. Actually I bought 9 sets for $25.00 including shipping. That was a pretty good deal. One set was a kitty set on sale for $2.00. I couldn't beat that. I have been wanting to get a dog set, especialy since my mother-in-law works with animals. I would like to send her a set of cards.

I might actually use the idea I came up for with this swap today. I made 6 different cards but used the exact same supplies and pieces. I cut everything out and then decided to figure out how to put it together. LOL I wish I was someone who drew sketches and planned everything out because it would be nice to know that I wasn't going to have a huge mess on my hands. But I don't. So the final outcome is always a surprise...not always a pleasant one either.
The long weekend is over...back to the real world tomorrow. :) I already have 2 tests for school and a job interview. I never heard back from the University on the part-time job. This new job is with a bank. I had called in a few weeks ago on another opening, which had been filled. But she had me send in my resume and she called me last week to let me know they had another opening. I am excited. Wish me luck.

Hope you'll have a great week. Jennie

Monday, January 21, 2008

Brain Dead


I have to is hard. LOL I am taking 2 online classes this semester and my accounting class was getting away from me for awhile. I was studying and doing the homework but kept having the same problem on different assignments. It took me several trys to figure out what was going on--and let me tell you---my brain was fried. Once I figured it out, it was a duh moment.

So now that I am all caught up with classes. I decided to try and get caught up on swaps. I was going through my swap list and getting all organized and realized I am in 21 swaps. I guess I was a little sign up happy while Sheldon was gone. Luckily for me though I only have to complete 7 more of them.

Tonight, I finished 2. Yeah! The bug swap I had already made a set of cards, but decided I didn't like them. The other one I did tonight was Pampered ATC's. I decided to use a travel theme because that is the ultimate in pampering.

Actually, all in all, today was a busy day. Sheldon and I had our first official date night since he has been back. He suggested it, and he also suggested, making it like our first date. :) Isn't that romantic. We actually had our first date on December 27, 2002 and we went and saw 2 Week Notice and had Thai food for dinner. So today, we went and saw 27 Dresses and then ate at Fatz Cafe. (Not the same as Thai...but Sheld still isn't feeling 100%.)

Do you remember your first date with your significant other?

Take care. Jennie