Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ladybug Swap

I was looking at the swap like I don't have enough swaps. Which I don't anymore....I just have 2 to make 2 and mail 1 I have already done...A lot better than the 17 I had to make. So...since I was looking, I decided to sign up for a Ladybug Swap. My rational is that I am already sending her one set of cards, so it is cheaper to do two.

The other day I was looking on SCS and saw a gorgeous card by Markie's Mom. I saved it into my Favorites and used it as the basis for these atc's. Here is a link to her card.

And here are my ATCs. I made them a little different. I used patterned paper for the LB and created my own sky background.

Hopefully spring is almost here. Jennie

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Do Kitties & Cards Mix???

I sure think so. :) I actually made this card a couple of days ago....and of course took these pictures right after. I read on someone's blog that they take 45-1 hour to photograph/edit/write up their blog piece per card. Yikes that is a long time....but maybe that is why he has more hits on his blog than I do. LOL

I was using my new set by SU....I am always a little late on the band wagon. But I have always loved all the cards made with this set. One of my problems is that I don't want to make cards that everyone else has already made....on Split Coast Stampers this set called Fab Flowers has over 41 pages of cards. The Here Kitty Kitty set I used the other day has only 4. So I guess you can tell which one everyone has and uses.

However...who can resist a card with a kitty wanting his photo too. Batman jumped up and decided he was going to join in the fun. :)

Have a great day!!! I have to get ready for my accounting test. :)

Break from School

Well, I have my first test this week in accounting....we are supposed to have all of our assignments done before hand otherwise we get a 0 on the test. Not good...luckily for me...I only had 1 assignment to do. The bad thing is that I did it and still missed a big portion. Some reason I am having problems with stocks and selling after trying to figure out cash/stock dividends and all that stuff. So I will try again tomorrow. Luckily we just need to submit the work and not have it 100% before taking the test. However, it helps to get a good grade on the test.

Yesterday, Sheldon and I watched Rush Hour 3. While watching the movie I decided to create. I made a gift for a friend. I used a plastic wrap method....everything is adhered to the board using plastic wrap as the adhesive....that and an ironing board. Besides burning the paper, almost burning myself several times, and worrying about dropping the iron on the was a fun technique. And it works....everything is sticking.

Today, I made a couple of I cannot show...yet! It is for a card contest swap that I joined. a couple of on PCMB. Of course you won't know which one is mine...but I would want you to vote for me. LOL

Finally, tonight (around 11:30) I was watching a Twinking H20's youtube tutorial. So I asked Sheld if he was going to be up for it was a minimum of half an hour to get the supplies to set up. So I made this card. I like the way it turned out and have several images to use now. It is cool because it gave me a new technique....

Thanks for listening to me ramble. Have a great night or morning! Jennie