Saturday, February 9, 2008


Well, you can tell who my favorite kitty is....Rocky! Actually I love them all...but Rocky photographs the best. He has so many different colors in his fur and that works better than all black.

This card I made after seeing the new PaperCrafts magazines about creating cards with photos. They had a similar photo in theirs with a puppy.....even with the ribbon. Though instead of using rubons I just edited my photo in photoshop.

I actually stole the ribbon from Oreo. She went and had a hair cut yesterday.

Thanks for looking.....Jennie

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Susan are you looking?

My MIL sent me a bunch of stamps that she owned. She hadn't used them in years. I decided to make her a thank you card using them. I was hoping to show what is old is new again.

I doodled the scallops around the main image and masked the pig so I could make them look like they were all dancing together.

I am not sure if she checks my blog or not....if she is...DON'T LOOK. :)

Have a great night. Jennie

Sunday, February 3, 2008

2 Down 2 To Go

Today, Sheld & I did lots of errands....and went to see Beowulf. I am glad we only spent a total of $3.00 to see it. It was pretty bad. Sorry if you like it.

After spending the day out, we came home and I started reading some of my library books....and then around 10 or so felt creative. So I started workinng on my first SCS swap.

I am pretty excited....I just joined my first (well actually 3 swaps) over at Split Coast Stampers. I am a bit nervous, but I hope everyone likes my work.

This first ATC is with the theme Circus.

This second ATC is with the theme Quilts. (Sheld doesn't think it looks like a quilt but I think it has the affect.)

Thanks for looking. Please leave me your opinion. The good, the bad, or the ugly. (I guess I am going to be Clint Eastwood tonight.) Have a great night. Jennie