Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My baby this week....

We just spent a week at my mom's house and Sheldon & I are not yet adjusted to being back home. I think Sheldon is scared by my nesting instinct. Last night, I had to wash all of our clothes and put them away. Clean out the suitcases and wash our top blanket on the bed as the kitties have decided that they are stressed when we are gone and it is time th shed.

We had a great time at my mom's, she gave us a bunch of classical music cd's. So we started listening to Mozart and boy does the baby kick when she hears the music. She wouldn't kick for grandma though as I think she has too calming of an influence. I also bought a few books to read to her.....Wizard of OZ, Rebecca on Sunnybrook Farm and Heidi. I figured we would read books to her that would be fun for us to listen, she will be used to both mine and Sheldon's voice.

A few of mine friends like it when I do the what is the baby this week......I am going to try and do a poll....but I guess there is a right answer....hehehehe, I will tell it after people play for a bit.

Have a great day. Jennie