Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Blacksmithing Update


Sheldon has been bugging me about putting up his blacksmithing photos. Though he won't tell me what to say. So I will make up something.

When Sheldon and I went to the renaissance festival in May I discovered that he wanted to learn how to blacksmith. We knew that he wouldn't be able to do it on his own at our house as there are lots of tools that are involved. Though I am not sure if we knew it at the time or not....his boss at the EPA does blacksmithing. And he invited Sheldon and a postdoc student Carl to come up and try it. Well they have been several times and I am not sure about Carl but Sheldon loves it. His first creation was a BBQ fork. Which he teases me because I call its shape organic. Next he made a throwing knife which turned out very cool. Then he was going to work on some tongs but I asked him to make something for me. And he ended up making me a heart. He isn't quite satisfied with it as he wasn't able to make it as pointy on the ends as he would like....but I love it.So when we move and get settled into our new life when Sheldon graduates....I have a feeling an anvil and a forge will soon be on the way.