Monday, April 13, 2009

We are home...


Abby and I are home from visiting cousin Leland and the rest of the gang. He is doing very well. I don't think he likes his shots very much but he is learning to adapt. I think right now it is harder on mom and dad then on him.

I do have to admit though...being around 3 kids for 3 days was way too much for me. Poor Carrie & Dave I was constantly shushing....I like my noise volume a bit lower. But I did try to get some one on one playtime with Caleb as Leland hung out mostly with mommy.

Little Abby watched and watched all the action...she had so much fun. (She is exhausted now.) Though she did get hit in the head twice...once with a remote and then with a ball. She was like what the heck happened. She doesn't get a lot of rowdy play like that at home.

I was supposed to orginally come home on Sunday but I left Saturday instead...I was exhausted too. Abby didn't sleep very well and was up about 4-5 times a night and not napping during the day. Daddy was very happy to see us. We went for a walk on Saturday and went to the library and out to dinner. Here is Abby and Daddy...he is already exhausted from having us back.

Abby in her sweet Easter dress (which is still too big) that grandma Susan and I made.

Then on Easter Sunday we ended up at Memorial Park for a walk. It was very nice and almost relaxing. Abby is off on her sleeping still, so we haven't been getting very much sleep. Plus we both came back with a bit of a cold virus.


Is all I can say. See for yourself the difference a professional photgrapher makes on a baby photograph. I have to say I wish I could afford to do this every day. Abby looks amazing and you can actually see her red hair.

We haven't received the actual photos, yet. Just the preview on the Photographer's blog.

So what do you think?