Saturday, December 11, 2010

Twisted Sketch #37...Oh what a twist this week.

Hi Everyone,

I always want to write a long post...but somehow life keeps getting in the way.  This time some of it is good...some of it is bad.  LOL  If I get a chance later I will write more.  However, I had a lot of fun making this card for the Twisted Sketches Challenge.  I decided to use some of Abby's artwork for the base of the card and again...a lot of sewing.  But the twist comes in with my tin foil star....which was shiny.  I love how the star looks pretty delicate...and yes, I sewed that on too.

Thanks for looking and I hope you decide to do the challenge this week.  There are a lot of gorgeous cards.  I am always amazed at everyone's difference interpretation of the sketch.  Which is one reason why sketches are such fun...but on the other hand, they are also pretty hard.  Let's see your take on them.