Saturday, July 7, 2007

Saturday Morning Coin Hunting

This morning Sheldon and I went coin hunting. The idea is to drive to small towns and see if they have any half dollars. So we picked Monroe, Georgia which is SouthWest (I think) of Athens on 78. I was the navigator...never a good thing. So We took off and ended up on Atlanta Hwy and found People's Bank in Statham. They had some coins. Then we drove to Winder and cut down 11 to Monroe. Not one single coin found at any of the four banks in Monroe.

Though, we did get lunch at KFC and visit the local Big Lots. The lady who worked there was the nicest person I have met in the longest time. :)

So it was a nice and pleasant drive....and a few hours away from the house. Monroe has some beautiful old houses to drive around and look at...

Sheldon is excited...we found enough Silver to pay for our trip and lunch...but not our $4.00 shopping spree at Big Lots.

Maybe next week we will drive over to another little town.

Dollar Stamps Galore

I have been finding tons of great $1.00 stamps.....Today, Sheld & I went on a drive and I made him stop at Big Lots to see what they had. I found 1---Cocktails. :) So I created a fun little card and the Time to Party is another $1.00 stamp I had found at Michaels.

I am doing a card swap with someone---for a bunch of $1.00 stamps. So I figured this would be a perfect one for her...

Creative Break

School feels neverending...but I guess that is what I get for taking 4 classes in the summer. :) I decided to take a creative break and make some cards.
One I am sending to my sister, one to Sheldon's Grandma, and the other one...who knows. Then tomorrow it will be back to the grindstone.