Saturday, July 25, 2009

Which is better....

A cooking spree? Or a shopping spree?

I think they both have their advantages....however; one makes you want to lose weight while the other makes you gain weight. :)

While on vacation at Hilton Head...I went on a shopping spree. Not too much but enough to make me enjoy wearing clothes again and want to look good. Though it is expensive.

Now that I am home. I am trying to do more home cooking and make it fun and exciting. This means we have been doing a lot more baking. Though I am trying to keep it healthy and less caloric.

First, I made some mini muffins. They were yummy, 4 of them were equal to one size muffin…and I went a little overboard in eating them. I had 6 of them. This wouldn’t be so bad, except the muffins had a ton of fiber in them. I used a basic oatmeal applesauce muffin recipe that I found on Then I made some creative changes based on what I had around the house. I added some butternut squash, applesauce, carrots & fresh cherries. MMMM…they were yummy!!

Then I made 2 sets of buttermilk pizza dough. One set for us to eat and freeze and one for a friend who has helped me out a lot. I made pepperoni & olive pizza. Not super healthy but better than eating out. Yesterday, I made a nice tomato, cucumber & onion pasta salad from fresh produce I received from Sheldon’s co-worker. The tomatoes were delicious and so ripe. I cheated a bit and added a little bit of pepperoni and cheese and used Italian dressing to marinate the salad. However, to go with the salad and to make a complete supper I made focaccia bread from a recipe on It made a ton of it so I ended up freezing over 2/3 of the bread. We will have some more for dinner tonight. I also, ended up making some fresh salsa yesterday. Though I have to finish it….Abby didn’t let me add the cilantro. I am hoping it tastes good. I added a bit of cucumber to it as we had so many of them.

Then today I ended up making a low fat oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that I modified again quite a bit. Baking Bits, the blog I found them on had such a fantastic picture. Mine didn’t turn out the same way. Probably because I made quite a few changes based on what I had in the house. I reduced the brown & white sugar to half and then added 2 bananas, wheat flour, coconut and butterscotch chips…and a couple of carrots. I figure they were sweet and nobody would notice, however, it would be a nice dose of extra nutrients.