Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sheldon Feels a bit Left Out....

I think Sheldon feels a bit left out that I haven't added any of his metal detecting finds to the site. He loves going out metal detecting and doesn't understand why I am not into it. If we lived in a different area I might like it more...but going out into 100 degree weather isn't my idea of fun. Nor is 90 degree weather (at night) and a bunch of bugs biting me...
So I thought I would include a few pictures....Right now he is detecting a park that he thought would never have been detected....come to find out there is another guy there right now. Sheldon is doing the land...he is doing the water.

Not So NEW Couch

I have been wanting a sofa....Sheldon was happy with the futon. I told him I would keep looking and find one for a good deal. Well he would have to admit FREE is a great deal. My boss and his wife had just bought some new furniture and were getting rid of their old.

I told him I would take it. My co-worker took my futon and it was a done deal. Though the couch wasn't quite our style....It was a bit southwestern. So I started looking online for slipcovers. Sure-Fit has an outlet store on Ebay. First slipcover I bid on I was outbid. But then...I bid on this one...I wasn't too sure of looked extremely yellow. But it was a bargain and I loved the blue flowers.

Well it works....though it doesn't stay on since our sofa seats are a bit flimsy. But it works for us and the cats of course. Now we are waiting for the chair covers to arrive.

As you can tell...I am procrastinating. I am working on a poem analyze for American Literature class and am having a hard time. So I thought I would take a 10 or 20 (or 30) minute break. The great analyzer in the house is out metal detecting.