Saturday, May 16, 2009

Quilt Time

This afternoon while Sheldon watched a movie and Abby kind of took a nap. I decided to work on the vintage quilt. I was originally going to create a 9 patch...then it turned into a 4 patch. Which it is kind of. I am going to make a second quilt using the left over pieces. It will be just a basic quilt.

They both will be baby/dolly blankets. I am hoping maybe tomorrow I will be able to quilt them and try my hand at binding.

Abby's Photo Shoot

Sheldon and I are going t enter Abby in the Parent Magazine Cover Baby Contest. So this morning we went to Bishop park to go to the Farmer's Market and then we decided to do a photo shoot. Since it rained last night a little this morning I had to be creative....we put her inside of a little basket with a blanket and then laid her down ontop of the blanket on the dry part of the sidewalk. Not the best idea since it slanted a bit and she decided she was going to roll over....not once but twice.
These aren't the actual photos we submitted. But if you would like to see them then go to the Parents site.

The pictures turned out pretty good. Not bad...not quite professional looking...but not bad.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Quick birthday Party Post

On my birthday, Sheldon, Abby & I, went to chinese for dinner and had a yummy Dairy Queen icecreem cake. Plus, we went to the fabric store and picked up some fabric for my present.

Projects and their current status....

I thought perhaps if I laid out my projects and their current status...I might finish. (LOL)

Abby's Quilt---Haven't touched it since class ended. I am afraid of ruining it. It needs to be quilted and bound.
Rubber Ducky Quilt--Front & back are pieced. Needs to be basted together..quilted and bound.
Vintage Quilt--In the starting process. Creating 4 patches. (3 have been completed.)

Finished several
Christmas & First one for Abby, Plus, I made her a tag blanket and a rock n roll chic blanket. These are easier.

Grandma and I finished her Easter dress before she left.
I just finished the pinafore dress that grandma and I cut out. Found out it was too small for Abby. Since her head is so big.
Finished 1 reversible dress for Abby. Need to finish the other one.
Bought fabric & pattern to make me a dress. LOL We will see how that comes out. I might make a skirt first.
Need to buy fabric and make dresses for Full Bloom's auction.

Any other projects....
Yes, I made 2 pillows.
Made a tea wallet.
Made a notebook cover.

Hmm....I have tons of quilt ideas and fabric for them. So we will see what happens. Completion is the name of the game right now.