Friday, May 15, 2009

Projects and their current status....

I thought perhaps if I laid out my projects and their current status...I might finish. (LOL)

Abby's Quilt---Haven't touched it since class ended. I am afraid of ruining it. It needs to be quilted and bound.
Rubber Ducky Quilt--Front & back are pieced. Needs to be basted together..quilted and bound.
Vintage Quilt--In the starting process. Creating 4 patches. (3 have been completed.)

Finished several
Christmas & First one for Abby, Plus, I made her a tag blanket and a rock n roll chic blanket. These are easier.

Grandma and I finished her Easter dress before she left.
I just finished the pinafore dress that grandma and I cut out. Found out it was too small for Abby. Since her head is so big.
Finished 1 reversible dress for Abby. Need to finish the other one.
Bought fabric & pattern to make me a dress. LOL We will see how that comes out. I might make a skirt first.
Need to buy fabric and make dresses for Full Bloom's auction.

Any other projects....
Yes, I made 2 pillows.
Made a tea wallet.
Made a notebook cover.

Hmm....I have tons of quilt ideas and fabric for them. So we will see what happens. Completion is the name of the game right now.

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