Wednesday, May 14, 2008

You Make My Day Award


My friend Deb gave me an award. She is a wonderful person and has a fantastic blog. Please check it out.

I would like to share with the following people the reward. Because they make my day great too.
Heidi's Blog
Cammie's Blog
Lee's Blog

Is it a Bear or Mouse?


I am seeing it makes a lot of difference in being tired all the time to having energy again. I actually feel like creating.

Here is my prototype a swap on PC Website that I joined. It is for Cheryl's swap. :) This is similar to the bunny I made at Easter....but it is supposed to be a bear. Though I think it looks more like a mouse. I only had enough light brown textured paper to make 3 circles to cut in half. LOL

I know I wasn't supposed to join anymore swaps for awhile...but I couldn't resist. I also joined a scrap and images already inked swap. I have tons of images from people...and never thing to use them.


PS...the paper is from the new SEI Collection I bought yesterday. Not sure if it goes...but I love it.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Birthday & Mother's Day

I am currently the big 35!!! :) My birthday was last friday. I had a nice time. Sheldon and I went out to dinner and hung out at the bookstore. You can definitely tell that I am not a party animal.

Here is the birthday card that Sheldon made me for my birthday. I was supposed to get a laptop, however, it was running a little late. LOL I should get it in the next day or so.
Today I went to lunch with a friend. Afterwards...I went to Michael's. I guess my buying hiatus is over. I bought a few is the Mother's Day Card I made with the new supplies. I am glad my mom is pretty understanding.....since I am late. As usual.
Thanks for looking.