Saturday, July 12, 2008

New Fun Card

I received my order of beads from Fire Mountain today. So after gettin a bunch of projects done while Sheldon was doing school stuff....I decided to create.First I created a set of beaded stick pins to use on cards. What is nice is that they can be used later as coat/hat pins. Or just kept for a memento.2 of the ones I made are using Polymer Clay Beads that I have left over from a couple of years is a Zebra, the other one is a teddy bear. I actually have a couple of other teddy bears and will make some more of those. They will be so cute for a little girl.The other 3 I made are using different beads that I have had and some new ones that I have ordered. They are just fun and will look cute on cards.



My baby loves music & Sheldon is nesting

Classical Music that is. :) Every night we listen to music while falling asleep. First we were listening to Beethoven and my aunt told me that might be too much of a stimulant so we switched to Yanni. Well, it is back to Beethoven. As she definitely didn't like Yanni. While listening to Beethoven I would get little hits and kicks every now and then in time with the music....I loved it (didn't have to give her a sugar high to get her to move). Then with Yanni, nothing!! Nada!! She sleeps right through it. So it is back to Beethoven.

You should see us at naptime. I am doing my best to tap on my belly in beat with the music...but if you know know that I have no rhythm at all and cannot keep count. She does a much better job.

I have found that Sheldon is getting the nesting instinct. We had to make a list of all the projects that need to be done. I thought it was what was supposed to be done this weekend. was shortterm and longterm. YIKES. I was exhausted just writing the list. Luckily for me, a lot of the projects are ones he has to do. So my section of the list isn't as bad.

TFL and hope you have a great weekend.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Vote for the next Gallery Idol


Papercrafts magazine finally has the cards up for voting. I figured I would help broadcast it is on the new site.

THere are 2 pages of cards to look through...and then I guess you click on I love it to vote. So only vote once.

Here is the link..... VOTE HERE

Jennie have unill noon on friday to vote for the first round.

Monday, July 7, 2008

New Living Room


I am sure some people are sick of me talking about this now. :) But I am so excited. It has been such a long time since I have had ny new furniture. My other sofa was hurting my behind so bad. And being pregnant definitely doesn't help.

Originally, we went to Ashley furniture to buy a set we saw a few months ago. The salesperson said to come back for the 4th of July sale. Well, we had two problems when we came back.....first the furniture wasn't in the store. And I wanted to try it out again before buying to make sure it was comfortable. The second, the cost went up $50.00 from last time (it wasn't on sale) and the delivery cost went up an additional $25.00.

So we told them we would think it over and come since I was bummed I decided to go to Big Lots to see if there was any crafting supplies. While there we walked around looking at the furniture....and in the back....they had a very similar sofa to the one I had originally looked at at Ashley....even made by Ashley. However, it was a better fabric and color and the shape was a bit different...not as boxy. The best part it was cheaper. I believe it was originally almost $200 less, then because it was the floor model and had a few minor dings and stains we received an additional 20% off and their $100 sales incentive.

Not only was the couch there but the storage ottoman too.....and it was 1/2 price of what we saw at we also receive a 20% discount because of some dings. Now, I am not sure about anyone else....however, I know that my having these pieces in my house for a week I will probably spill or scratch something getting a great sales price....that doesn't bother me. :)

So we had it delivered and the delivery company we used was great. We were going to have it delivered on Wednesday as we needed to find a way to remove old furniture. So I told Sheldon that I would put it up on Craigslist and say it had to be gone by Sunday....that way he had today to find someone to help him remove it if there were no takers. (You can see why I thought there would be no takers.)

We definitely didn't think there would be. However, we received several calls. And it was picked up yesterday. So I called the delivery company today and they delivered it right at 5:00.

So, I definitely have to say.....look at alternatives to the expensive furniture companies. I never though I would buy a Sofa at Big Lots....but wow we saved a lot of money and received better service overall than at Ashley.



PS...any decorating tips would be great. I want to accent with yellow as it is in our painting...however, Sheldon wants to do red. Plus you can see that the kitties love it.