Saturday, July 12, 2008

My baby loves music & Sheldon is nesting

Classical Music that is. :) Every night we listen to music while falling asleep. First we were listening to Beethoven and my aunt told me that might be too much of a stimulant so we switched to Yanni. Well, it is back to Beethoven. As she definitely didn't like Yanni. While listening to Beethoven I would get little hits and kicks every now and then in time with the music....I loved it (didn't have to give her a sugar high to get her to move). Then with Yanni, nothing!! Nada!! She sleeps right through it. So it is back to Beethoven.

You should see us at naptime. I am doing my best to tap on my belly in beat with the music...but if you know know that I have no rhythm at all and cannot keep count. She does a much better job.

I have found that Sheldon is getting the nesting instinct. We had to make a list of all the projects that need to be done. I thought it was what was supposed to be done this weekend. was shortterm and longterm. YIKES. I was exhausted just writing the list. Luckily for me, a lot of the projects are ones he has to do. So my section of the list isn't as bad.

TFL and hope you have a great weekend.



Bee said...

Isn't that so funny that she follows the rythmn of the music!? :-D
You should try Mozart too and see if she likes it, apparently babies often do...
Enjoy and take time to relax!♥

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Aww.........that brings back such memories!!! It's amazing just how much personality they have right from the get-go!!!