Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Learning through Osmosis....

Well I think looking at this pictures says it all. :) I stopped studing to eat lunch and here is what I came back to...I wish I could study like that.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Weight Loss ADvice ATC Swap

Hi everyone,

Well the weight loss ATC swap is in the mail to all the participants. It was a fun swap. We had some great crafters. Everyone's ideas were differen and it was a lot of fun.

Thanks to:

Brooke St. John
Because I couldn't choose on the "best" card....I am going to quit doing contests because I love everyone's cards and cannot make a choice. So instead I am going to hold a little contest...can you guess the maker of which card.....The first person who participated to correctly match up the card and the name will win a gigantic world stamp. I thought this would be a fun pif to do while studying for my statistics final.

Thanks for playing.


Sunday, April 29, 2007

Some of my recent creations...

I have been pretty busy. I know I am supposed to be studying. But this is a lot more fun. :) Unless you talk with Sheldon. He says I get very frustrated when I create...I think I just have to learn how to relax and enjoy it more.
I have been on a creating binge...Kitties, Mice, Chicks.....

I recently found scallops and have been using them like crazy. I love how they look on the cards.
Thanks for looking,

I am trying....

Sheldon has been reminding me that I am supposed to be selling not just making and swapping...especially since I never give any of the swaps away. So to justify for all I spent the other day at Hobby Lobby...I decided to try and make some scrapbook pages.

All I ever see are girl pages...and thought I was going to do a couple of boy pages first. Everyone has boys so far in my it seemed more appropriate. Maybe Carrie will have a girl.

They are of my online swapping friends is going to send me a diecut tag to add to the bottom...and then I will post it on Ebay. We will see how they do.

Thanks for Looking,