Thursday, May 1, 2008

Another One Down!!!


This is my last swap on my PC list. :) I told Jen I was going to mail it on Tuesday. But, I hated what turned I came up with a new one this morning. I like it much better.

Here is my first try. Now here is the finished project. I have a few circle journals to do...I received them late because noone wanted to mail them to me...then everyone mailed them to me at the same time. LOL Plus, I joined one other circle journal where I get to make all the pages the same and can send them all in at the same time. They are due in I better get started on them.

Other than finishing up my bookclub recipe cards....I am done!!! Plus, I am done with school as of Monday. So....I am hoping that I will be feeling better to sign up for some more. Or just do some PIF's because I am going to be bored!!! Well at least untill the baby comes.....but we still have awhile for that. I go for my yearly physical on Monday and I am hoping we can hear the heartbeat....I think my next ultrasound isn't untill the 16th week.

Hope you have a great day!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

One Down!!!!

I won't even think of how many more to go. LOL A few! This was for a beaded ATC swap that I signed up for in February I think. I made one card then and just finished making earrings for it and doing the other 4 yesterday. It went into the mail this morning. Hopefully everyone likes them and they are worth being late.Thanks for looking!!!