Saturday, March 15, 2008

Using Scraps

I have been having problems with my scrap organization....or should I has been getting too full and I have been unable to add any more. LOL So I saw on someone's blog a different technique. I was putting all of mine inside file folders that were placed in a portable file box. But Thursday, I went and bought at the dollar store some of those 8.5x11 drawer. Use receive 3 drawers for $6.00. So I bought 4 of them. I haven't transfered all of my scraps I am afraid I will overfill the drawers too quickly. However, I had an overflow of scraps....I think it took me a couple of hours to sort and place it into the drawers. So I am all caught up on that...and I took all scraps for my newst atcs.....Holiday Frog. :)

Better Late than Never

Or at least I hope. My stamping friend Cameron made me a card awhile ago. I put it in a safe place...and then couldn't find it. :) Sorry Cameron. But if you saw how messy my craft room might understand. Once I found it, I was like...oh there is where I put it for safe keeping. So I took a photo of it is a fantastic card. Plus, both he and his mom Deb, sent me some images...kitties and bugs. Two of my I am going to make some cards out of them.

Thanks again Cameron!!!


PS...I was having a bad this was a perfect treat for me. :)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Another Flower Lady

Hi, Last night while doing my homework...I took a break to participate in a fun contest on Papercrafts website. Faith threw out a pink & green challenge. She made the cutest card using a girlie skull in pink. Since I had an extra lady...I decided to use her. Plus, I had a pair of green earrings that I made awhile ago that I decided to use. It is a little top me. :)

Thanks for looking. Jennie

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Here is the Stash

that I picked up at the swap meet. Now you have to admit....for someone who has only bought two ink pads in her life and received a few as gifts. This is a fantastic deal. I bought 8 ink pads, Disney scrapbook paper, and a couple packets of embellishments. All for only $40.00 :) Plus, I found someone who was selling old postcards. I remember people telling me that they are great to use in I bought 20 for $10.00. The hardest part was sneaking it all into my carry-on luggage. I had bought a goofy mug at Disneyland and the cashier packed it so it looked like a giant beehive. LOL

Sheldon said that I broke my strike....I like to think of it as part of my vacation. LOL I am planning on making all the kids that went with us to Disneyland a card and place inside a keychain I bought them. So of course...I needed Mickey papeer. Hopefully, I will be able to make that and post it within the next week.


PS....Let me know if you agree with Sheldon or I? :) (Say me...Please!)

I'm Back & I'm Exhausted

Disneyland was such fun! I was so excited to see my family. In total there was 14 of us. My parents came in from North Carolina, my sister and her family from Washington, her friends, my bil's sister and family came from Wisconsin and just me from Georgia.
We stayed in San Diego and on Sunday hung out on the beach.
Then on Monday we visited LegoLand.
Tuesday & Wednesday we went to Disneyland.
Thursday I went with my mom and stepdad to the Mission in San Juan Capistrano.
On Friday, we visited Sea World. I will have to get photos from someone else. I didn't take my I heard it would get soaked. Jerry took tons of pictures and videos. So I will have to email him to get some from him.

Saturday, well I shouldn't say what I did on Saturday....Sherry took me to a swap meet. She had gone the week before and she told me about a great deal on scrapping supplies. So, yes....I did break my strike...but wait until you see what I bought.

We had a fantastic time. I loved getting to see my family. It has been way too long. And if you have never been to definitely need to do it. I was amazed at the experience.