Thursday, October 4, 2007

My Hometown Circle Journal


I was invited by a crafting buddy, Cathy, to participate in a Circle Journal that she is hosting. I am excited. I have never done one before. After this is over I would like to maybe make one with my mom and my sister.

I know that you aren't supposed to make your cover before hand....because they can get dinged up in the mail. (Put it inside a heavy duty padded envelope...then inside a regular envelope...hopefully they will pass the heavy duty envelope around.) I did this becuase I wanted each person to add a bit of their hometown to the cover.

The theme for this one was My Hometown. I went and found promotional information about Athens and created a collage. I then typed out some experiences we have had since being here. WHy we moved here and what makes it my home. Then I mailed it to the first person on the list and she will create pages about her hometown.

It should be lots of fun.


The Rest of the Daily Challenges

Hi Again,

Yesterday's challenge was hosted by nermalski. She wanted us to create something to do with time. Luckily for me our clock had died and I had told Sheldon I wanted to save the parts. He thinks I am a pack rat. However, I did use the parts in less than a month.
Then, today's challenge was hosted by Midweststamper. She wanted us to create a collage. I wasn't sure what I was going to make. Then I saw a cassette tape holder on Sheldon's desk. I stole it from him. Sunshine had made a collage out of a tin and it made me think of creating something 3d like the diorama's that I used to make in grade school. I used Rocky as my inspiration. He drives me crazy. But he is still my baby.

Daily Card Challenge

At PaperCrafts Magazine's website we have started a daily card challenge for anyone who wants to partcipate. Each day a new person creates a different challenge. It has only be going on since Sunday...but everyone seems to like the idea. It has been fun and really helped my creativity and getting out of my comfort zone.

Here are some of my cards.

Sunday's challenge was posted by stampcrazymom and it was using Turqoise/Cocoa brown/Orange. I ended up making 2 cards. Sending her one of them.

Then on Monday, Cheryl posted her challenge and it was create something in red/white/black. I only made one card for that one.

One Tuesday, Fluffnstuff did a monochromatic card challenge. I made 2 cards for that one.

I am going to have to post the other ones on another post.....Not able to do all the pictures together.