Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My posts for the contest...

I thought I better list all the links so I can keep an eye on the contest.....hope we get lots of votes....

Day 1

Day 2---Thursday

Day 3---Friday

Inchie Contest---Layers Galore

Click on the 1st pictureto see a close up of the inchies.

Please vote for your favorite inchie!!!!

Each swapper worked very hard on their cards...can you believe that each one is only an inch? Origianlly the contest was open to 20, but we have 12 a whole foot!!!!

You can vote either here or on the PCMB link....please remember though....1 vote per person. I will be taking votes from today---Sunday morning!



PS...if you vote here and don't have a blogger account you can still leave a comment...just as annonyomous....however leave your pcmb name!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Doctor's Appointment

Yesterday was our doctor's appointment....Yeah. Though I hate going to the doctor. My blood pressure is doing pretty good. It was down when he took it and then today I took it and it was 115/73. So exercise must be helping. I have one more Doctor's appointment in a month and then we are going to be officially trying. :)
My online weight loss group is creating scrapbook pages each member and sharing them with each other....since we are all in this journey together. So I had Sheldon snap my picture yesterday.
Then while we were taking pics of the birds....I snapped one of him and the "Princess" Oreo. I notice today that we were matching....Yikes we are married.

Where is Batman?

I noticed that we had pics of Rocky & Oreo....but none of Batman. I didn't want him to feel left if he would notice....but last night we decided to give him his own little photo op....
And because he is mostly black with a little bit of white he doesn't photograph as well as Rocky....who was lying on the bed looking all cute and cuddly....if you don't know the story...his real name is Rocky Road (Ice Cream).
So we took a few of each of them.....

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Eat your Veggies....

Since we are growing lots of veggies...we thought we would start practicing eating them early. We made a cucumber, tomatoe, onion, lettacue and cream cheese sandwiches for lunch....they turned out pretty good. I knew we were missing something....mushrooms. Don't tell my mom...growing up I absolutely hated MUSHROOMS....but I like them now...but only when they are fresh.

A Day in the Life of Rocky....

I have to say. Rocky has it pretty good. He usually gets fed when he wants...and as much loving...even Sheldon will normally pet him when he wants...since he is normally such a mommy's boy...(Sheldon likes to stay in his good graces.)
This day was no exception....I went outside to water the veggies and in the process did a little kitty photo shoot.....He just loves the sunshine.

What a happy boy....MEOW!!!!