Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Inchie Contest---Layers Galore

Click on the 1st pictureto see a close up of the inchies.

Please vote for your favorite inchie!!!!

Each swapper worked very hard on their cards...can you believe that each one is only an inch? Origianlly the contest was open to 20, but we have 12 a whole foot!!!!

You can vote either here or on the PCMB link....please remember though....1 vote per person. I will be taking votes from today---Sunday morning!



PS...if you vote here and don't have a blogger account you can still leave a comment...just as annonyomous....however leave your pcmb name!


Anonymous said...

Vote from BloomCrazy at PCMB -
They are all so beautiful, wonderful work by everyone. My favorite is #7. Lydia

Anonymous said...

Number 12 is my favorite :)


Sara said...

austinmom voting for #10.


GSMom385 said...

Jennie- This isn't a vote, just a comment, I hope when the voting concludes you post who designed each card I would love to know who belongs to each creation. What an awesome bunch of cards, such talent.

Anonymous said...

#8 for me!!! Although I really like the one with the purse/shoes...darling. - but I am gonna have to go with #8 - love the pink/black

Anonymous said...

I vote for #8.
Lori (Yellow-Chicklet)