Friday, March 13, 2009

Abby's Book Reviews

Abby and I have been reading a lot of different books since she has been born. Some she has liked and others not quite as much.
Recently we picked up 3 books at the Library. We will read them and see how she reacts. Abby told me that instead of doing thumbs up she will be doing pacificers up. :) I think that is pretty funny.

Abby's First Solids


When we went to the doctor's on Wednesday he said we could start giving Abby solids so that she gets used to the texture of food. We decided to wait a couple of days untill after her shots as she was pretty grumpy. Well she is over that and while she did eat some of her food we aren't quite sure she liked it.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

6 in 6....

Okay...I finally got around to reading my friend Deb's blog. I know...I know. I am way slow. Well she had a challenge on there for me. In your pictures go to the 6th folder and open the 6th picture. Well, I figured it might be one of Abby and I was right. Though it is a cutey. She is in a hat and she hates being in hates. Plus she is tiny....less than 2 weeks old. WOW. We have come along way in 2 weeks.

Now I need to add 6 people to do the same. (hopefully I can do this before Abby wakes...but I feel it isn't going to happen so I will have to come back to it.)
Please play.

3 posts in one day...

What is up with that? I had to share a newset of pictures of Abby. We took the pictures on sports mode so you don't see the motion....however, the swing is on high. Or should I saw Crabby Abby. She is going through a stage where she fights sleeping as hard as she can. Once she falls asleep she is is just the process in getting there. I see glimpes of how she will be as a 2 year old. Arching her back and sticking her legs is hard to even pick her up when she is like that because she becomes as stiff as a board.

Grumpy Gertie and other yummies for Abby...

Grandma Susan has been working on a wonderful gift package for Abby. I sure how she appreciates all of this one day. I absolutely love and appreciate it. It was so fun opening up the box and seeing everything that was in there. Plus, I hope one day I can sew as well as she can.

She took a thrift store find doll and turned her into a priceless keepsake. I couldn't believe that she was the same doll. The outfit is a bit warm for our 80 degree weather right now...but I don't want to change her into another outfit. (Grandma even knitted the hat.) Plus she made a pinafore and a couple of other little pieces for her. So cute.

For Miss Abby she made her a pair of baby shoes. We had done a bunch of web hunting one day and grandma took back with her a bunch of patterns...and this is what we came up with. I don't know off the top of my head who created the original pattern. I will try to find out and post it here. I know that we found probably about 10 different patterns. The shoes are darling and they fit her....though Abby has her daddy's feet...short and wide.

She also included an Easter Bunny and a darling box filled with all of Grumpy Gerties clothes. We also found a few other dolls along the way and grandma will create outfits as she goes....One is Happy Hannah, and then 2 cabbage patch dolls...a boy and a girl. I cannot remember there names. If we are even luckier maybe grandma will write some stories to can see that we came up with Grumpy Gertie at the same time we came up with Crabby Abby. We figure when she is older she will get a kick out of Grumpy Gertie but get upset with Crabby Abby.



I don't own a lot of fabric and I have decided not to buy "matching" fabric. So like with my last project I end up with what I end up with. LOL I have 6 lights and 6 darks. We will see how this works. 2 of the fabrics really don't go...because they both have red and one also has yellow but I figure I will pair those with a plainer fabric. I think it will look more like a scrappy quilt than a modern one.

I am thinking of using my tone on tone off white fabric for the sashing. I might have to piece it together as I am not sure how much I have left. Though I ordered some fabric off of ebay and it should be here soon. We will see. This will be a definite adventure.



PS....I guess I should finish the other quilt. I was try to work on the rag quilt yesterday and I couldn't get the machine to work. So I need to figure that out before I go any further.

PSS....Lee...quilting isn't hard. If you can sew and cut a straight line (which I cannot yet.) and like to iron.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Abby's Photo Shoot


Today was gorgeous...though I almost missed all of it. Sheldon was supposed to go into school today and I was conked out....I have been going to bed earlier but getting up 3 times a night isn't working. Abby is sleeping through the night, however she cries in her sleep when she is hungry. I feed her and a minute later she is happy but then she does it again 2-3 hours later.

I couldn't keep my eyes open and fell asleep on the couch. Finally I woke up and we decided to go for a walk. Before we did that though we did a photo show of Abby. I had dressed her in a pink/white sundress this morning and she loved it. Though she wouldn't look in my direction as she was fascinated by daddy.