Tuesday, March 10, 2009



I don't own a lot of fabric and I have decided not to buy "matching" fabric. So like with my last project I end up with what I end up with. LOL I have 6 lights and 6 darks. We will see how this works. 2 of the fabrics really don't go...because they both have red and one also has yellow but I figure I will pair those with a plainer fabric. I think it will look more like a scrappy quilt than a modern one.

I am thinking of using my tone on tone off white fabric for the sashing. I might have to piece it together as I am not sure how much I have left. Though I ordered some fabric off of ebay and it should be here soon. We will see. This will be a definite adventure.



PS....I guess I should finish the other quilt. I was try to work on the rag quilt yesterday and I couldn't get the machine to work. So I need to figure that out before I go any further.

PSS....Lee...quilting isn't hard. If you can sew and cut a straight line (which I cannot yet.) and like to iron.

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Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Gorgeous!! And I really don't even know how to thread this Serger I bought from a friend!!! LOL I think I need to take some lessons as I would love to make quilts!!