Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm ready to share......

Here is why I have been feeling tired all the time. :) I am PREGNANT!!! The baby's birthday is estimated to be November 17,2008.

We went to the doctor today and had our second ultrasound. Everything looks good so far. Originally my dates were off....so I was a bit nervous. My LMP was February 11th....however....we are going with February 21st.

The baby is 8w6d and is 2.11 cm's....which is about right especially since I am not quite 9 weeks. Plus the heart rate is 174....which is perfect. I guess around 12 weeks it should go back down.

I think this wil take a lot of my initial stress off and I will be able to concentrate on what I need to do. (Which is of course lots of homework!!!! YUCK.)

Here are the pics!!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Here are the other ones....

As you probably can see....I didn't spend too much time with my photos. I was rushing and trying to beat the batteries. I hadn't changed them since before going to New Orleans and they were about dead. I am hoping in a day or so to get those pictures up. It was a fantastic time.

What do you do?

When you sign up for a swap....where you have to be super CREATIVE????? I joined a swap where each week I received a new item in the mail----this goes with my balance beam pigs. I thought that card was really creative. Well since then I haven't felt very creative and put off the swap a bit. It was due to be mailed out on Thursday....I was in New Orleans so I let the hostess know it was going to be a little late. Luckily for me---we are both in the same state.

The other items I received were--toothpick, metal ring, coaster, piece of cardboard, piece of acetate, coffee warmer, and a circle made out of paper towels.

I might have to put all the pics into two seperate posts....but here is what I finally came up with. I hope she likes them. Thanks for looking.