Sunday, April 13, 2008

What do you do?

When you sign up for a swap....where you have to be super CREATIVE????? I joined a swap where each week I received a new item in the mail----this goes with my balance beam pigs. I thought that card was really creative. Well since then I haven't felt very creative and put off the swap a bit. It was due to be mailed out on Thursday....I was in New Orleans so I let the hostess know it was going to be a little late. Luckily for me---we are both in the same state.

The other items I received were--toothpick, metal ring, coaster, piece of cardboard, piece of acetate, coffee warmer, and a circle made out of paper towels.

I might have to put all the pics into two seperate posts....but here is what I finally came up with. I hope she likes them. Thanks for looking.


Lee said...

I would say you've been very busy and highly creative!!! All the punchies are soooo pretty!!! And I love alphabet beads on the coffee holder.........oh yeah....MMMMMMM allright!!!

Deb said...

These are really cute and fun, love the blue and green card, so pretty!!

Looks like you got your skunks okay, so glad!