Thursday, December 6, 2007

I know I just posted...

However, I made my own light box. :) I need to get some lights to go with it so I can see how it works. But so far so are too cards I did using it...with just one light.

WOW...I cannot believe how long it has been

since I have written anything. I have been exhausted and sick. :) Every day all I do is work and then come home and sleep. Now 10:00 bedtime is normal for some people...but for Sheld & I....1 AM is normal. Which kind of happened yesterday. I feel asleep right when we got home....about 6 until 9. Then I was awake until 1:30. Doing a little creating and checking out blogs.

Today it will be around 11:30 that we go to bed...that is soon so I better hurry. Tomorrow I have my final Science class....just a final and then I am done. I don't know if I received the job or not at the University. Since I haven't heard from them....I am thinking it is a no. That is too bad. I was kind of sounded like a wonderful job. But I will keep looking.

Here are a few items I have created recently...I have been a bit on a down cycle....Most of the products in these pictures are from my SS Traci....I am doing a 25 days of Christmas swap and wow she is spoiling me. I am going to try and use everything as I go. And I am working on CHristmas cards....since I haven't made mine yet. YIKES