Friday, February 22, 2008

Recycled Card & update on my strike.

Just wanted to share a quick card I just made. (I am procrastinating again on doing my accounting homework.) Sheldon and I went ot lunch after going to Hobby Lobby. We picked up the weekly newsletter to read...and instead of tossing it afterwards, I decided to bring it home and cut it up. So I created a card with the newsletter and some other items I had. Not all of it is recycled...but I feel a bit better than tossing the paper. I wouldn't use white background next time. It is a bit of a contrast. But overall I like the card. I was searching through images I had received from someone and these doggies go perfect.



OBTW....I didn't buy ANYTHING at Hobby Lobby. I tried a couple of things...but I asked Sheldon and he said it would count towards my strike. LOL I wanted to buy a rotary cutter so that I could cut fabric. But that is going onto my 30 day wait list first. Especially since I probably won't try for awhile. I was going to pick up the CB butterfly set...but they didn't have them. I guess Hobby Lobby doesn't carry any paper making kits. So I couldn't use my 40% off coupon that I had. So I did good...not even a magazine.

Creativity is back...

at least for the moment. :) I hate to admit it...but I love to be under pressure. I mistakenly missed a deadline on a swap. So I had to quickly make the recipe cards and of course I am very creative when I am under pressure. I guess it is because I cannot put it off. I read the book about a month ago, but I wasn't quite sure how to make the recipe cards. I find them harder to do than regular cards. I always wantt o put cool embellishments that match--but for some reason I can never think of anything.

The other day I had printed out a picture of one of my stamping friend's dog that she put up in the gallery. I wanted to make her a card. So while watching a movie with Sheldon last night I started to get an idea. First I asked Sheldon to draw and cut me out some wings. Then I used some new bling that I received from my SS. After that I decided to find some paper to use....I wanted to keep the background simple and had to decide on whether to use the black or pink for the mat. I am glad that I used the pink behind the dog which I ran through my cuttlebug. It took me a couple of choices on which direction to place image as the wings are way too big. Then because I cut off her front feet because they looked weird, I had to cover them up and I had a great sentiment from SU that I had froma previous project.

Thanks for listening to me ramble. You can see why I keep most of my creative process under wraps.

Have a great day. Jennie

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I am crazy...

I turned down a set of copics and a SU shopping spree. For VD Sheld was going to give me some copics...but I told him instead I was going to buy a $$$ of stamps from stampin up. Then after some thinking....(sorry Cheryl) I decided I am not going to buy anything.....until I use up what I have.

So I am on a spending strike. Sheld likes the idea. LOL Actually he said....maybe you should wait until after you get your copics....and I said no...I need to learn how to use the ones I have first.

Then he said...well wait until you get your papermaking kit....and I said...that I can probably I want to make my own paper so that I can recycle and not be so wasteful.

Then I saw all the cool things in the gallery with the butterflies and I want to change my mind....but I can wait. :)

So....we will see how long this I don't even want to buy any white paper. (Luckily for me I have some to last me a while and I wil be gone for a week.)

Anyone else feel like they have too much?? I figure, if I cannot buy it, then I will have to be more creative.

Jennie (PS...I actually originally posted this on the PCMB but I was curious what my blogging friends are doing too.)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cards for a friend

I made a set of cards for a friend about a week ago. I hate to say that they are still sitting in my living room. I have them packaged and ready to go. But I have been horrible about going to the post office. Luckily she doesn't know that they are for it should be a surprise when she receives them. I tried to make something girly for her...because that is what I think of when I picture her. I find that we have similar tastes as I always love anything she makes and hopefully she will love these cards too.

Solar Eclipse and more!

Hi, Sheldon told me earlier today that there was going to be a solar eclipse...and at 9:30 he reminded at 10:30 I threw on a sweatshirt over my shorts and tank top and told him to meet me down there. LOL....I figured we would be the only ones out there, but to my dismay the neighbor was walking his dog....and he got to see my bright white legs. :) However, once the cloud moved over off of the moon it was gorgeous. It looked light a layer of copper was over the moon.

I don't think the pictures do the sight justice. But we just have a really basic camera and I wanted to capture the moment. The other times there have been solar experiences we usually forget or go to bed too early. So I wanted to remember our first one.

Hope you were able to see it western states probably missed it.