Thursday, February 21, 2008

I am crazy...

I turned down a set of copics and a SU shopping spree. For VD Sheld was going to give me some copics...but I told him instead I was going to buy a $$$ of stamps from stampin up. Then after some thinking....(sorry Cheryl) I decided I am not going to buy anything.....until I use up what I have.

So I am on a spending strike. Sheld likes the idea. LOL Actually he said....maybe you should wait until after you get your copics....and I said no...I need to learn how to use the ones I have first.

Then he said...well wait until you get your papermaking kit....and I said...that I can probably I want to make my own paper so that I can recycle and not be so wasteful.

Then I saw all the cool things in the gallery with the butterflies and I want to change my mind....but I can wait. :)

So....we will see how long this I don't even want to buy any white paper. (Luckily for me I have some to last me a while and I wil be gone for a week.)

Anyone else feel like they have too much?? I figure, if I cannot buy it, then I will have to be more creative.

Jennie (PS...I actually originally posted this on the PCMB but I was curious what my blogging friends are doing too.)


Dana said...

Stick to your guns girly! I wish I had the same nerve as you, but I just can't resist Papertrey Ink's newest stuff each month! LOL
I can't believe you turned down copics...I'm in total shock.

Deb said...

I so know what you are talking about!! I put myself on a stamp diet, but it's so hard!! I've fallen off the wagon. So to answer your question I do love monkeys and I just ordered a bunch a new Changito's, shame on me!!! I have no control whatsoevah!! I joined the copic club through Gina K. and I am still wondering why because I can't do amazing things with them like everyone else and my black always wants to blend in with them, very frustrating!!!

Funny Cameron was just asking about you last night, he calls you his stamping buddy (how cute) and then he went and made you a kitty card! Looks like you have a fan!!!

Lee said...

I admire your strength!! I did this last year for one month.......and never again!!! LOL I even just joined Gina K.'s Copic Club today!!! LOL I definitely to be more aware of impulse purchases though!

Glee said...

Jennie, I am trying to be good, like you, but I feel I need some help! Keep me updated on how you do in your quest to not "buy, buy, buy" and maybe share some pointers with me!

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!

Heather said...

You can stick to your stamp diet. I have done it- in fact I broke it last week after nearly a year of non-spending- to celebrate an accomplishment. I have found that when I crave new stuff I go through my existing stamps and use one that I might not have used often and usually that helps!

Paula said...
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Paula said...

Apologies for the deleted post I made far too many spelling errors!!! Its only 5.30am here in UK.
Thank you for visiting my blog its great to meet new crafting blog friends.

Bee said...

I wouldn't say that I have too much (oh who am I kidding, I have way too much paper!!) because I have been in this frenzie for less than a year...but this is a coslty hobby and I am trying to be good and be on a strike too, and use what I have first!!! Maybe we could have a support group going on, what do you think??.... I didn't buy anything from papertrey this month (so far ;-)) so I was happy with that, but that's because the new Cuttlebug folders were finally coming out and I HAD to have some of them! LOL

I am trying real hard though!! Give me a little bit of your resolve!!!!
Also I'll be interested to hear about your paper making afterwards....

PS: Thanks for visiting my blog! :-)