Sunday, November 25, 2007

Saving the Best for last

I knew I was forgetting something. :) Sheldon found a really cool trestle table plans in one of his Popular Mechanics Magazine. We asked Rich if he could make us one. He said sure. Well we received it this weekend. And it is absolutely gorgoues. It is made out of cherry and the details and workmanship is amazing.

The table comes apart very easily. The top just pulls off and the legs come apart. When we finish school this will become Sheldon's office desk. But for the moment it will be our dining room table.

Thanks Rich!!!!

Expanding my creativity

I wanted to try and make paper snowflakes. I searched all over the internet for directions. Martha Stewart had directions for doing papercut outs like what we did as kids. Well mine did not work out at all. I felt destined to fail at this simple task.

Then I found a link on wiki....(not sure exact link). That had these gorgeous snowflakes with step by step directions. Normally I wouldn't try to do something this grand but I challenged myself. I ended up using 2.5 sheets of 12x12 paper to make this. it is 12 inches in diameter. I tried to get away without using any tape (just my adhesive) and ended up having to go back and taping everything. It was actually pretty easy to make.

After making the snowflake, I tried making smaller ones to see if I could make package decoration sizes. But the smaller you go, the harder it is to staple and put together. But one section, looks like an icicle so I used that to make a card. It would make a great package topper too.I also, tried some different style Christmas cards. Not my favorite, but different.

My aun't s birthday was this month. I did send her a card but wanted to create another one for her when I saw her over thanskgiving. She loves black/red so I tried to create a graphic card for her.

After Thanksgiving

For the first time in years, I went shopping the day after Thanksgiving. I was up by 5:30 AM and out the door by 6 to go to Kohl's and do some clothes shopping. I have an interview on Tuesday and needed some new clothes. It is pretty exciting. size 16's were way too big. 14's are big in the waist but my hips get in the way. LOL

After that my mom & Rich came and we went to the mall to do a little more shopping. I wasn't planning on buying anything but mom was nice and bought me a new workout outfit and a couple of tee-shirts. Which I appreciate very much. I already wore them out, when we went to workout last night.

Then after going to lunch with mom & Rich, Sheldon and I decided to go to OfficeMax. We ended up getting me a mp3 player so I had something to listen to at the gym. Sheldon bought himself some memory. (Though I still think his memory will be bad.) Plus, we ended up getting a good shredder. We are planning on shredding all of our paper and making handmade paper out of it. Recycle, Recycle, Recycle. :)

To my delight, Joann's is next door to Officemax. So we ran in there to see if they had any stamp deals. Found some darling Christmas $1.00 stamps and stamp pads.

After that we went to Cinnabon and the bookstore so Sheldon could get a book on Tunisia.

When we got home I found two PIF packages in the mail for me. One from Jacque with this cutest stamp and one from Jess with ink pads and Luminaries. I am so excited to use all of them. Jess is hosting a domino swap and I believe all of those will work for it. And the stamp is just my personality....Jacque did a great job in picking that out for me.

Yesterday, we did errands and chores. Trying to keep the house clean. Since I scrubbed it down for my mom's visit. Plus, we went to the movies and saw American Gangsta. It was a really good movie. I was quite suprised.

More Thanksgiving

When Sheld & I got to Dave & Carrie's and Caleb were already upstairs playing. So I went and visited and took some pictures of all the fun they were having. Caleb was showing grandma that he liked to take all his toys out of the closet. He doesn't quite understand the one toy at a time rule.

Later on everyone hung out and talked.
Plus, I snuck into the kitchen and took a picture of the chef.

Thanksgiving 2007

This year Thanksgiving was at Dave & Carrie's house. With Leland only being a couple of weeks old and Carrie's mom visiting this seemed like the optimal choice. My mom and Rich drove in from North Carolina and my aunt and uncle drove in from Tennessee. So it was a nice and full house.

Carrie's mom, Donna made the majority of dinner. My mom and I the day before got together and made some casseroles and dessert. AJ & UD bought his famous mac salad which we forgot to put out, plus the fudge & caramels.

In this first set of pictures you can see who one of the stars of the show was. :) While mommy is his favorite person...Leland allowed Sheldon, Dave & myself to hold him for awhile.