Sunday, November 25, 2007

Expanding my creativity

I wanted to try and make paper snowflakes. I searched all over the internet for directions. Martha Stewart had directions for doing papercut outs like what we did as kids. Well mine did not work out at all. I felt destined to fail at this simple task.

Then I found a link on wiki....(not sure exact link). That had these gorgeous snowflakes with step by step directions. Normally I wouldn't try to do something this grand but I challenged myself. I ended up using 2.5 sheets of 12x12 paper to make this. it is 12 inches in diameter. I tried to get away without using any tape (just my adhesive) and ended up having to go back and taping everything. It was actually pretty easy to make.

After making the snowflake, I tried making smaller ones to see if I could make package decoration sizes. But the smaller you go, the harder it is to staple and put together. But one section, looks like an icicle so I used that to make a card. It would make a great package topper too.I also, tried some different style Christmas cards. Not my favorite, but different.

My aun't s birthday was this month. I did send her a card but wanted to create another one for her when I saw her over thanskgiving. She loves black/red so I tried to create a graphic card for her.

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