Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Abby is a celebrity...

Kinda of, sort of...

The owner of the parent support group that we go to had an article in the paper and Abby and I are in one of the pics. It is a great article and a wonderful place to visit.

Please check it out.....

Full Bloom Article

Monday, March 30, 2009

Abby Pics & Sewing


We decided to take a picture of Abby in her new Exersaucer...we bought it off of craigslist. It was really nice not to pay full price. Abby is still a little small for it but she really enjoys it for about 10 minutes at a time.
Today, I decided to finally try to make some pillowcases. I had 2 pillows that Sheldon and I bought when we went to Italy 2 years ago. They were just travel pillows so we were going to toss them. So this is what I came up with....

I am pretty excited. They came out pretty good. Sheldon said they look pretty professional. I made them so that they can open and be washed.


Please include my nephew Leland in your prayers.

My 16 month old nephew, Leland was diagnosed with diabetes on Saturday. He was admitted to ICU after going to the ER. My nephew,Leland it is out of IC. He had been sick and not eating for the last few days

My sil said now that she knows the signs...he definitely was exhibiting them. If you have any kids in your life please keep an eye out. The most obvious signs I think for an infant.are: excessive urination....peeing through a diaper in less than half an hour. Increased thirst and loss of appetite...and being dehydrated besides all of that. Sudden loss of weight. He last 4 pounds. Flu like symptoms--irritability, throughing up, etc. Which of course is the hard part. If you think they have the flu...then you wouldn't suspect the diabetes.

I found out from my mommy's group that the doctor's don't do blood tests to check for this when kids come in. It would be a simple blood draw....so I am not sure why they don't. They only do it if there are symptoms or if it runs in the family.

So please keep Leland and his family in your prayers. Their names are Dave, Carrie & Caleb.

Thank you.