Sunday, June 24, 2007

Not So NEW Couch

I have been wanting a sofa....Sheldon was happy with the futon. I told him I would keep looking and find one for a good deal. Well he would have to admit FREE is a great deal. My boss and his wife had just bought some new furniture and were getting rid of their old.

I told him I would take it. My co-worker took my futon and it was a done deal. Though the couch wasn't quite our style....It was a bit southwestern. So I started looking online for slipcovers. Sure-Fit has an outlet store on Ebay. First slipcover I bid on I was outbid. But then...I bid on this one...I wasn't too sure of looked extremely yellow. But it was a bargain and I loved the blue flowers.

Well it works....though it doesn't stay on since our sofa seats are a bit flimsy. But it works for us and the cats of course. Now we are waiting for the chair covers to arrive.

As you can tell...I am procrastinating. I am working on a poem analyze for American Literature class and am having a hard time. So I thought I would take a 10 or 20 (or 30) minute break. The great analyzer in the house is out metal detecting.

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