Sunday, May 6, 2007

My Winning Entry...

On the Paper Crafts message board 5Treasures (Deb) did a round of challenges...the first round I am sorry say my card was a bit pathetic. However, the 2nd round I did a lot better.
Our goal was to "alter" something....anything...but we had an hour. I used an old soup can that Sheldon was using for his metal detecting money and melt down.
I had found at Michael's the other day some totally cool metal stickers (on sale of course) and bought a has a firetruck, airplane, police car, etc....I first was going to use the fire truck...and had to pull it back off.

I layered the can with light blue paper...then darker blue ribbon, made some clouds out of a in between blue, highlighed them with black & white markers...then shaded them with dark blue chalk....I popped up one of the smaller clouds...the rest I just taped to the paper....then I added the air plane and another sticker that said ALL BOY.

I WON!!!

So I am pretty excited....I loved how the can turned out.

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Anonymous said...

I love my knew Finds tin can. I'm in heaven now. Love ya.