Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Pet Lover's Swap

This swap turned out FANTASTIC. Everyone who participated created such amazing cards. The orignal premise of this was to give cards from you to your pet....but it turned out to also be from your pet to you....pretty easy. My Goal was to do 50/50 between kitties and dogs and it turned out well.
Thank you to the following swappers for making this great:

  • Fgrif

  • Donna2257

  • Beaglelover

  • 40isFun

  • Janice W

  • Kenzlane

  • 2for2

  • jennie_hi (hostess)

1 comment:

pjpants35 said...

hello jennie
the pet cards did turn out great! I saw you joined my sticker card swap, thanks. I had seen your house mouse cards and it gave me the idea! TTFN -your PCMB friend Jen/pjpants35