Saturday, July 21, 2007

Creating Away---First attempt at a Collage...

I am trading with of her collages....for one of mine. I have never made one before....and I have been wanting to. I had bought a bunch of canvases awhile back So here is the start of mine. I have to wait until Sunday to get get to a scanner and have copies of the pictures made.
It will look a little different. This is an original photo I have of my grandma, so I am going to have to go and make a copy of it. I have a picture of my grandpa playing with a dog, that I thought I might cut out and place in the top corner.

I started by layering tissue paper and decoupaging it, sanding it down. Then added a pearlescent paint and sanding. Then I cut out circles of adhesive, covering them with microbeadsand then I took ink and painted around the circles (outlining in black and deciding to make them into balloons). Then I added little crystals, cut out holes and thread ribbon and rubbed on the saying. Jacque recommended that I add an old fashion grandfather clock to show times gone past. I like that idea. I think I will decoupage that on. (Don't tell my mom...she will be amazed that I am actually taking someone's advice. LOL)
I wasn't thinking too clearly as my background is hard to coverup. Plus, it is going to be hard to part with this collage. I am going to have to make a similar one for myself.

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