Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Father's Day Card

Hi, I used my new Penny Black clear Stamps the other day to make this card. I had Sheldon's dad in mind while making it. Now I have to make a couple of more cards. I was going to do it yesterday...however, I went to the library and found a bunch of books to read. Plus, my husband's boss told Sheldon of a game he had been playing on Facebook so I decided to check it out. I think this is the first time in 6 months I have been on Facebook. The game is called Scramble...it is a mixture of Scrabble and Boggle. You create words/steal words/defend words by changing them into new words/create new words for 2 or more words someone else has already created. I do have to say the computer cheats or I am going to have to read the dictionary to discover more words. Every word that I decided to put in there....it says isn't a real word...but man some of the words it comes up with. LOL Well....after having tired wrists I quite playing. I think one bad thing about pregnancy is that you receive every ailment in the book. This time it is Carpal Tunnel.

Hope you have a great day.

PS....if you haven't joined....Paper Crafts Magazine is doing its yearly Gallery Idol Contest. The first round card theme is Friendship. You can make as many as you want. And the prize package is pretty cool. Come look at their rules and guidelines but pretty much anyone can join....except me....Sheldon has told me I cannot join as I get too stressed out. :)


Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Awww.......what a cute pup and perfect Father's Day card!! I'm so sorry about the Carpal Tunnel.......pregnancy definitely takes a toll on the body!!! LOL

Heather said...

Sorry about the carpal tunnel.

I love this card- the layout is fab and the colors are great together!