Thursday, July 3, 2008

Unexpected trip & on TV (Kind of)

Sheldon and I ended up going to North Carolina so that he could work on his samples at UNC. We didn't think it was going to happen and I had called my mom the day before to tell her that....however, I didn't listen to my voice mail. :) So I ended up having to call her back. We left last Wednesday and came back on Tuesday.

We had a great time.....I was able to visit with my mom and stepdad while Sheldon was off working. Plus, we ended up going to the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at the Science Museum. That was pretty interesting.

NOw we are home and we have very upset kitties....they won't leave us (me) alone. I am going to go crazy....all they want is 24/7 worth of attention. Oh wait, that is what they wanted before. LOL

Yesterday, I was supposed to clear out some stuff around the house. However, I joined a PC Pro Swap on PaperCrafts and it was a fast turnaround....only 2 weeks and I had to make 11 cards. So I worked on that all afternoon/evening yesterday. I guess this swap is going to be on tv.

The theme is summertime fun---Birthday or Thank you's. I left my inside blank so the cards can be used as either. I had already colored my images (as I was going to use them for New Year's cards) so that saved me a lot of time.

However, I did lots of layers and fake sewing....I cannot wait until I can learn how to sew for real.

Thanks for looking. Jennie


Deb said...

These are adorable, love those fat cats. Yes Cameron is still very busy with his Kitty and enjoying summer vacation. He starts day camp next week, I'm hoping it will agree with him so he can play with the other kids, go swimming and maybe lose a few pounds, he has gotten very chubby this year. He did awesome on his report card and is moving on up to second grade very prepared, I just need to keep him practicing so he doesn't forget everything he learned. Thanks for asking about him, you're so sweet!

GiftsByHeidi said...

Hi Jennie, How is it going to be on TV? That is so cool, I'm sorry I missed the swap, and that is a quick turn around time! Glad you had fun on your trip.

Sharyn said...

The cards are adorable! your design and color combo!

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Wow! It sounds fun to see them on tv!! These are sooo colorful and fun and adorable!!