Friday, October 17, 2008

Jumping on the unmounting of rubber stamps bandwagon...


Yesterday morning while I was supposedd to be sleeping I was thinking about organizing my craftroom instead.....I am needing to downsize for several reasons. First for the baby. Second to turn my room into a guest room. Third....I need it to feel organized and uncluttered for when we start to sell.

Originally, I was going to store half my stamps in storage...but then I wouldn't be able to use them. So I remember that I was planning on unmounting them all. So I reread a couple of tutorials and started. I am about half way done...I don't have a lot of stamps but as you will be able to see from the pictures doing this still saves a lot of space. Especially because in my comparison picture noone stacks their stamps the way I had them.
So once I purchase some more CD holders I will finish. Next week our friend Jim is going to help Sheldon move a few big pieces of furniture to storage and I need to be done with my organization.
So far this is a total of 46 stamps.



GiftsByHeidi said...

Wow, that will be nice when it's done. You will have a lot more room.

Deb said...

Sounds like quite the task, but wow you really are saving tons of space! I might have to think about this in the future!!

Annette said...

Wow- you have been busy! I should try this with all my stamps some day, it seems like I would get a better stamp postion on the card using the stamps with a clear block. Sometimes it is hard to center a wooden mounted stamp. I did just make all the ones I got from TAC at Gayle's party when she brought them to me yesterday. They came in a sheet, then you have to apply the backing, then cut them out individually, then I put them on the CD cases like yours.

Bee said...

This sure makes a big difference!
When I started stamping, I very quickly realized I didn't want to invest into wood mounted stamps. They are expensive, heavy and take lots of space. So I am now only buying unmounted stamps and acrylic ones, unless of course I find one special stamp I absolutely have to have (like a Fluffles sometimes, LOL!).
I really wish Stampin'Up would do unmounted!

Heather the Mooselover said...

I am also going to unmount my stamps. You are doing great. Good idea to get as much done before the baby arrives ;)