Saturday, September 29, 2007

New Photographing Tips

Yesterday, on Paper Crafts Magazine's MB I posted a nosey poll to find out how everyone photographs their cards. I received a few suggestions and here is what I did.

I didn't have black foam board like Angela suggested...but one of my file boxes is black. So I used the lid for the bottom and the box for the background. (You can even see the kitty hair in the pictures..I will have to clean it off better.)Then for the actual pictures...I placed the stuff on my bedroom floor. In front of my windows. (It is late morning here.) Then I took my halogen floor lamp that has 2 lights and turned them both on. One can be moved around like a spotlight so I tried to flash it on it. (It is still about 4 feet away.)

Then I did the camera w/o flash. Set the aperature to 2.6. The timer for 2 seconds. And put the camera on a tripod. Just took a bunch of pictures. I didn't do too many....took me a few minutes.

Then I went onto photoshop and the only thing I did was sharpen the pictures a little. And did some brightness/contrast on the Flower Lady. Then I cropped them and resized them. Added my blog name. (I will have to work on the watermark next. But this works.)

Thanks to everyone who gave me advice yesterday. It is amazing the difference with natural light.My dh gave me the sharpening tip....if you have photoshop and have never done is so funny. Because if you do it then hit the undo button and keep looking at the before and after...the before looks so blurry.

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Carrie said...

Good photographing Jennie! They look great!