Sunday, November 18, 2007

Semi-Professional Photo Shoot

Well....kind of....Sheldon & I took these pictures of each other. Sheldon wanted to go and metal detect at the WOW Park. And I wanted to get some pictures of the changing leaves. Right before leaving I thought...maybe we can get some photos of each other, to send out to family. Sheldon doesn't like posed shots...but I do. :)

Luckily for me...when we got to WOW, it was way too crowded for Sheldon to metal detect. So we went for a walk on the path to see if we could find any trees to shoot. Most of the trees back in the woods weren't very attractive. So we had to improvise and of course Sheldon will tell you how bossy I am. However, unlike him it takes a few shots to get a good photo of me. Or I am just pickier about myself. He is a good photographer and it didn't take too long. We first had it on a setting that turned our faces ghostly white. So he switched it to automatic and that turned out a lot better.
The best pic of me....I am a little out of focus but it looks like that is what we are going for. His turned out good...they always do. :) My very own Matt Damon. LOL

Then we took some funny shots in Sheld's hat.

Last but definitely not a photo of a little bridge going over the water. Since we are having a drought here in Georgia there wasn't much water.

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