Monday, December 17, 2007

Couple of new items....

Well I have been working on a project...which I cannot post on here. :) It is for a family member and they might look. LOL (Probably not.) IT took me 3 days to make and I haven't been making much of anything else. But the other night I decided to start on my dominos for a domino swap. Well they weren't coming out very well. But a fellow scrapper is doing a different project and put up some websites to check out. Which I did and found some great ideas.

So I have 5 dominos made so far. We need to send out 4 in the I might make a few more. Plus make a kitty one for myself.
Then I received some cool dog images from a friend. :) I used one to make a card for Jordan. Now I will need to make jared a different card.

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