Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Learning to Sew...


It has been another long time in posting. I have been busy with Abby and learning to sew. I am currently taking a beginner quilting class. It is a lot of fun. However, I am not very good yet at getting my strips cut straight nor an accurate 1/4" seam. So we will see how my quilt comes out. Plus the other day I ended cutting myself with the cutter...ouch!!!

Even though it is off topic....(well to me she is always on topic). I thought I would include our newest picture of Abby. She loves her mobile.

To get in the sewing mood I made a journal cover for a crafting friend who won a contest I held. (I just have to mail it.)
Then I started working on some fabric ATCs. They were fun to make...though they used up a lot of thread. I am not done with them yet, but I have finished 2 so far.

Today I was looking at ways to organize my "sewing" room (no longer cardmaking room) and found a great way to fold the fabric. So I spent some time doing that today. Then this evening I figured I better work on my class project. I had a lot of homework which I didn't finish as I figured that spilling my iced tea meant it was time to stop.

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