Monday, March 2, 2009

My first quilt....

Here is my quilt top so far from my class. The first picture was my original size that I was going to do. First it was supposed to be 6x8...then I decided to do 5x7 and it finally ended up being 5x5. (I figure I am going to be a small project girl...but that might change over time.) I know..there are tons of errors on it. But I figure for my first one it isn't too bad. I have a big oops in the top row but I figure Abby won't mind and I am definitely learning from my mistakes.

One of these days I will start putting more details into my blog posts. However, my brain is still mush right now. I think of tons of things to say but I am always exhausted when I try to type them.
On another note. We had a snow storm last night and received about a foot of snow. The power went out around 3 pm and we had to figure out what to do so that abby didn't freeze to death. Luckily the power came back on at midnight so we didn't have to worry too much. We just had her wrapped in her flannel blanket that my friend Vicky sent her.
Here is a picture of the snow.


ant me. said...

LOVE! your quilt Jennie!! 5x5 is the perfect size!! especailly for your first try. I am proud of you!!

Wow snow in Georgia!?! I'm sorry about your neighbor's tree oh my! I'm glad you had your power restored so quickly!


GiftsByHeidi said...

I don't see an oops in your quilt. I think it looks great! We got about the same amount of snow here. Glad to see you blogging again!

sullivanfamily4 said...

Wow! That tree really did split in half. You got a LOT more snow than we did. That quilt looks great by the way!

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Oh wow Jennie!!!!! That quilt is gorgeous!!! Is it hard to learn?? And I saw that you all got snow!! Crazy weather!

Qubie said...

Gre3at colors in the quilt.