Sunday, April 5, 2009

What does Belguim Waffle Look Like? looks like this. We have our living room and back room painted and all laid out. Now it is about readding items without making them look too cluttered. I am curious how that will happen with a 5 month old and 3 spoiled cats.

As you can see I have a totally clean slate to work with in my back room...which is my crafting area. I am thinking of changing out the linens on the bed and making it more of a cozy hangout couch than a bed. Plus, since I cannot add a lot of pictures to the walls...I am going to have to find anothe way to personalize without over personalizing.

By the way, if you know anyone looking to buy a home in Athens, Georgia...then please email me.


sullivanfamily4 said...

Wow! It looks really nice Jennie!!!

Lisa L. said...

Your house looks great! The paint job is nice, and the floors look good too.

As for keeping things nice with a little one and pets, I'm afraid I'm not the one to ask! I have cat and dog hair everywhere!