Monday, July 6, 2009

Using scissors instead of a rotary cutter...

well at least for the most part. This morning, Abby decided that 4 am was wake up and stay up time. So after a lot of struggle...daddy & I decided to go shopping and walking. So we did that and came home around 6 am. By this time Abby was asleep, daddy had to get ready for work and I had to fill out insurance paperwork. Not very fun. Then at 10 I had a chiropractor's appointment. So this morning was very busy. Since Abby decided mommy & daddy woke her up really early...she took another nap and I decided to work on a art quilt. I have a few people whom I would like to make something similar for at Christmas time so I wanted to practice. I took a picture I had of Rocky and turned it into my quilt.

I think it turned out cute. I figured too that it would be a go project to work on as I didn't need to use my rotary cutter and I was pretty tired. Here is Abby recovering from her lack of sleep....and right after this was taken we discovered that she had cut her finger. We are not sure how she did it...however, she must have wanted to be like momma. Luckily, we didn't need to get stitches. Though she is wearing a sock on her hand now.


GiftsByHeidi said...

Hi Jennie, That is gorgeous! Sorry to hear about Abby's finger. Hope yours is healing by now!!

rubberstampinzone said...

Oh my gosh Jennie. That purse is so super cute. I love how you used Rocky as inspiration.
Abby is precious. I'm sorry too about her poor little finger.

Annette said...

Wow Jennie, your quilt piece is absolutely stunning! What a great gift idea, especially for a cat lover! Abby is is cute all spread out on daddy's lap sleeping, she is growing so fast.