Sunday, October 25, 2009

Trying to catch up....

I think the reason that I am not keeping up with my blog like I because I am just plain old tired. I notice that my writing style is greatly compromised and I want write fun and cute stories. I guess writing something is better than nothing.

After going to Red Top Mountain--Abby & I went to my mom's for a week and had such blast. We ended up going to the Pumpkin Patch and drinking coffee. LOL Abby is already addicted. Grandma and Abby were also able to spend a lot of quality time together and they really enjoyed it. Momma was no longer the favorite by the end of the week. Grandma definitely of the reasons is that my mom fed and fed Abby. I cannot believe how much she ate while we were there. (It didn't help that we both got colds when we came home and couldn't eat much and had to start all over again.)

However, by the time daddy came to pick us up...even grandma was no longer the favorite. It was daddy again all the way.

Love you MOm & Rich. Thanks for the wonderful week.

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