Monday, September 17, 2007

New Projects

I have been feeling pretty creative lately. :) Probably has something to do with wanting to procrastinate on school. But, I have been doing good so far this semester. Had my first test in Biology and made an A (with a 6 point curve). Been doing my workouts for Weight Training and Health & Fitness. So I am on track. Not only am I getting grades...but I am getting fit. I have done pretty good about keeping on track with my eating plan. Not perfect but a heck of a lot better than before.

So here are some projects I have made:

One I love the this rendition of weedsgalore flower lady card. I put my spin on it. But overall everything is her idea. I just loved it and wanted to make the card.
Second is a card I made for Papercrafts contest...using products packaging. I used a sales tag from a stuffed animal. I think it is darling....and I have my oldy but goody Fat Cat Stamp.
Next, I made this fun Santa card. I used a pattern for a quilted tree runner in a Christmas decorating book.
Lastly, I have a few swap projects that I made.

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